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Six Figures


What’s stopping you from achieving financial freedom and transforming your coaching gift into a profitable six-figure business?

The 12 Step System shares proven strategies that will take your coaching business from Start to Six-Figures in your Niche' and grow your business with confidence, consistency and cash! 

Turn your coaching business from a passion project into a purpose driven, profit generating business.


“Six-figures only seems big to the person who doesn’t believe she can achieve it...”—LaToya Early

Hey, coach! What’s stopping you from achieving financial freedom and transforming your coaching gift into a profitable six-figure business? Is it your lack of faith or lack of confidence? Maybe there are some unresolved personal battles that require a complete mindset change, or maybe you just need a blueprint.


In From Start to Six-Figures, Vision Coach LaToya Early (CEO of Chase Great Enterprises) saves you time and guides professional female start-up coaches through 12 steps designed to catapult them into six-figure earners. Readers can anticipate training and support in some of the following areas:


• Mastering your message

• Identifying your ideal client

• Scaling your business

• Operating within your niché

• Creating a high-end offer

• Shifting your mindset

God’s plan for you is to prosper (3 John 2).

He has also given each of us the ability to obtain wealth (Deuteronomy 8:18).


Any coach who desires to change the trajectory of her coaching business, while also chasing purpose over profit, will appreciate this step-by-step guide to economic empowerment.



LaToya is a wife, woman of God, mother of three amazing young men, Vision Coach, Empowerment Trainer, six-time author, and founder of Chase Great Enterprises.  LaToya has creatively organized a community of coaches where she helps Christian Female Startup Coaches start, grow, and monetize their coaching business from Start to six-figures in their niché.


While working in her company full-time, LaToya has published several personal development books and organized three volumes of the Coach My Life anthology. She has been honored by her home city, Detroit, Michigan, with the Spirit of Detroit award, received entrepreneur of the year, and has been recognized by business and organizations for her ability to help coaches and entrepreneurs dig deep and build businesses that solve problems. She has been featured on an array of inspirational women blogs, television, radio, and podcast shows; she has keynoted conferences, women empowerment events, and commencement ceremonies.


LaToya is focused on helping 1000 coaches start, grow, and monetize their coaching business from start to six-figures over the next 12 months.


The principles and personally proven processes that LaToya provides share wisdom and much needed insight for success in the coaching industry. Although specifically written for coaches, the exercises and activities, if applied will assist any reader on their road to six-figures. - Y. Reed

Show up as the expert in the industry and build more than a business but a lifestyle.


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