Meet The Team

Demetrious Early
A Dad Coach


Demetrious Early has gone by many names but it wasn’t until purpose finally reared its face that one named would stick! The Dad Coach. Demetrious being a father of 3 growing you men decided to step away from being opinionated and became to position himself to share his personal testimony and plant a few seeds about the importance of FatherShip. (The impact the relationship between a father and his children has on the world). Fatherlessness has plagued many communities and the statistics of the effects it’s had on the children hits close to home so in 2020 The FatherShip Project was Born officially. The project is to reconcile fathers with their sons and for their children to recognize and heal from that disconnect.


Kellee Williams
Lifestyle Management Coach

Kellee Williams Headshot (2).png

Kellee's unapologetically energizing and bold style of living, her personal leadership qualities, and undeniable love for Jesus have enabled her to love the life that has been created for her as a coach. Kellee is the loving wife to Ezell Williams and they are the parents of 10 children. As a coach, she is devoted to working with clients as they uncover their purpose and stretch beyond their limits to achieve excellence both personally and professionally and live in and according to their God-given calling. She enjoys showing up for and serving her audience. Her authenticity, joy and energy inspires action and transformation in others. In addition to bein a wife, mom, and coach, Kellee serves in ministry as a worship leader at The Light Church in Akron, Ohio under the leadership of Pastor Mark T. Jackson. 


Jasmin Pittman
Leadership Coach


Jasmin Pittman has a reputation for her creative and innovative problem solving, causing her to be a go to for

reigniting the underperforming leader or the underservicing business.  


Jasmin is the Founder and COO of Maximum Solutions Group a Corporate Training, Coaching and Consultant

Company. Maximum Solutions Group is the intersection between Leadership and Learning, helping business Leaders

navigate through growth challenges by examining gaps to produce profitable results. 


She has spent over 15 years working in the world of Education, helping to shape the minds of our next generations in our

school systems or helping corporations improve the training and development of their incoming and existing staff in addition to their leaders.


If there is one thing Jasmin knows, there is always a solution to every situation. Identifying a need for Women in Business to band together she launched Hey Sis!!. Hey Sis!!, is an organization with one thing in mind, Uniting and Empowering Women to work together, the goal is not just to empower but to evoke and provoke change, accountability, and sisterhood.  


As a strategist she helps businesses and corporations asses and manage training needs and identify performance gaps to improve operations and morale. As a Leadership Coach she helps women to unlock their potential to maximize success in business using her 6 Pillar of Leadership Process.


Personal Mission statement: To use my gifts and abilities to inspire, help, and improve the lives of others by equipping them with the tools and resources to pursue the life they were purposed to live.


Matthew Jones


Pastor Matthew Jones is the Youth and Young Adult Pastor over the Righteous Youth and Young Adult Ministry at the Fountain

of Truth Christian Center, where his parents, Bishop Michael, and Pastor Brenda Jones, are founders and Senior Pastors.

Pastor Matt cherishes his wife, Tamara Jones, and together they have four beautiful children, Mahki, Payton, Paige, and

Matthew Jr. Pastor Matt has been in ministry for over 10 years and has impacted thousands of young people’s lives. 

Pastor Matt was educated in the Detroit Public Schools system. He attended Martin Luther King Jr. High School, where

he graduated Class President and Salutatorian. Pastor Matt continued his education at Lincoln University, where in 3 years

he studied abroad, was active in many organizations and graduated Valedictorian of his class, with a degree in Accounting. 

Shortly after graduation he moved back home and began serving in ministry with his parents. In 2011 he founded Righteous 24/7 and began traveling to teach the word of God to six colleges weekly, Eastern Michigan University, Grand Valley State University, Saginaw Valley State University, Michigan State University, University of Michigan Ann Arbor and Wayne State University, teaching young adults how to apply the word of God to their everyday lives. 

In the 35 years of his life, he has managed two multi-million-dollar corporations, started a real estate investment company, owns a consulting firm helping other businesses develop strategies for success, and owns a regionally top ranked insurance agency with Farm Bureau. Pastor Matt has a true understanding and anointing to lead people to a fulfilled life in Jesus Christ. He has become a much sought-after teacher, being the keynote speaker at various events and conferences across the country. He speaks on both spiritual and business topics particularly in the areas of Faith Building, Righteous Living, the Prophetic Anointing, Good Success, and the true purpose of Christianity. His vision and passion is to continuously teach young people that they can be Righteous, successful and have fun too!


LaToya Early - Host

LaToya is a wife, minister, mother of three amazing young men, Vision Coach, Empowerment Trainer, six-time author, and

founder of Chase Great University where she coaches Christian Women in their coaching niche'. Chase Great is Niche'

Coaching Certification Company for Christian Women. LaToya is a purpose enthusiast who is committed to helping

Coaches show up as the expert in their assignment from God and build six-figure Kingdom businesses through niche'

coaching. LaToya has creatively organized a community of coaches where she teaches her customized niche coaching

and certification program.

While working in her company full-time, LaToya has published several personal development books and organized three volumes

of the Coach My Life anthology. She has been honored by her home city Detroit, Michigan with the Spirit of Detroit award, received

entrepreneur of the year and has been recognized by business and organizations for her ability to help coaches and entrepreneurs build business in their Kingdom assignment. She has been featured on an array of inspirational women blogs, television, radio and podcast shows; she has keynoted conferences, women empowerment events and commencement ceremonies.

LaToya is focused on helping 1000 start-up coaches start, grow and monetize their coaching business over the next 12 months.